How to Scan at UniFR

Students and collaborators at the University of Fribourg have access to a very fast and high quality scanner: the printer and photo coyp machine in the A100 hall at Pérolles II. Simply push the button „Scan“, then choose the „scan to file“ option (in the middle) and follow the instructions (choose pdf or tiff, set resolution, color etc). The scans are then stored in a folder that can be accessed using samba.

To access the scans, a samba client is necessary. Under Linux kbear or the command line interface smbclient can be used. For the command line interface, type the following command (replace by your username):

smbclient //admpr07/FILE_SHARE -U -W UNIFR

After, the same commands as in the terminal ftp client can be used, i.e. get to download a file, mget to download multiple files (e.g. mget *.pdf), cd to navigate and del to remove a file (which is recommended at the end, as everybody has access to the folder).

If smbclient is not installed, you will first have to install it. Under ubuntu this can be done by typing sudo apt-get install smbclient.

If you want to access the files using your own machine or from at home, you will have to connect using VPN.

2 thoughts on “How to Scan at UniFR

  1. This is very helpful.

    Until now my method was:
    1. Take a picutre of the document you want to scan
    2. Since I’m at school and I don’t have a digital camera, I use the mobile phone
    3. Send the picture as mms to my e-mail address
    4. Download and open it
    5. The quality is too poor
    6. «Never mind, actually I can live without this image…»

    You said you need to install smbclient using «sudo apt-get». But on the linux workstations we are not allowed to run commands as root, are we?!

  2. Your method is great, too 😉
    No, we are not allowed to run commands as root at the linux workstations. However, smbclient is already installed on these machines.
    By the way: if you need to install something on the workstations, you can do it manually, i.e. in your home directory (for example, I installed thunderbird/firefox this way to have the newest versions).

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