LaTeX-Beamer with Bibliography and Newblock

Tomorrow morning I will give a presentation on publish/subscribe (read the abstract and the invitation – you are welcome to drop in!). To prepare the presentation I used the LaTeX Beamer Class. The package is great, but the command \newblock which I use in the bibliography does not work and constantly produces the error This is due to the fact that the \newblock is not defined in the Beamer Class. The solution is to define it yourself by adding the following line of code after the \begin{document} command:
\def\newblock{\hskip .11em plus .33em minus .07em}

With this simple line everything is fine and the bibliography works.

18 thoughts on “LaTeX-Beamer with Bibliography and Newblock

  1. Peter Larsen

    You are genious. Don’t tell you figured that out the night before the presentation… have to send you some cryptonite then 😉
    thanks mate

  2. Reuben Mathew

    Yes. I just found this solution. However, it seems to work with just this before the \bibliography line. So…


    What do the bits in the curly brackets do for \def\newblock{}?

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