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ZattooFinally Zattoo is available for Linux! Today I’ve got a newsletter from Zattoo telling me that Zattoo can now be downloaded for Linux. With Zattoo 43 TV-channels are available for free. You simply have to register (which means: indicate the email-address and choose a password), download and install the software (for Windows, Mac and Linux), start it, login and choose the channel. It is very easy to use and the quality is surprisingly high. There are more channels than we get with Cablecom and it is free. The software is available in English, Deutsch, Dansk et Français (la versione italiana e la versiun romontscha mauncan aunc…).

I immediately downloaded the .deb-package of Zattoo (rpm’s are also available) for Linux and installed it on my Ubuntu Edgy Eft. The installation was very easy, however it did not work on the first try: When executing the command sudo dpkg -i zattoo- the installation failed with the message Package libgtkglext1 is not installed. I therefore installed this missing package with sudo apt-get install libgtkglext1, then re-executed the command sudo dpkg -i zattoo- and after a few seconds everything was fine.
Using the terminal I could start Zattoo with the command zattoo_player & (it could also be started using the menu Multimedia and then Zattoo player, but personally I prefer the terminal), log in and choose the channel and enjoy the new TV. It works!

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