Power of the Nature

During my language stay at ELC in York UK we had to write a small essay on a specified topic once or twice a week. As we only had 15 to 20 minutes to write each time, the texts are rather short. As one of my texts had been specially appreciated by my teacher and classmates, I would like to publish it here. Additionally it turns out to be very adapted to the thunderstorm of last week.
The topic given by the teacher was my favourite place:

Instead of choosing a single place, I would like to choose mountains in general, especially the mountains in my home-area. Although I have not been up to the mountains for a while due to my problems with my knee, I really like them. When I am away for a while I miss them.
There are several reasons why I love the surrounding mountains. One of them is simply that they are nice to look at with their rough shapes and the green, soft forests around.
A deeper, more psychological reason is that they support me by giving me a feeling of safety. There are always stable and very solid mountains around me, offering me some stability. As a consequence of the narrow mountains, the area is very easy to grasp in all directions. You do not get lost in a wide plain but are constantly supported and kept on the ground by the powerful mountains.
The mountains are kind of an anchor for many people, not only due to their effects described above but also because they demonstrate, from time to time in a violent way, that the nature is more powerful than the human beings and that human beings are very small when facing the nature’s force.

This picture of the mountain called Falknis in the East has been taken by my grandfather from his garden, about 100 meters from my parents› house.

View from the Gonzen
View from the mountain Gonzen in the North. The villages down in the plain are Sargans (on the left) and Mels.

And finally the Gonzen seen from my bedroom.

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